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    A good read

    If you're looking for an excellent exploration of leadership from a somatic perspective, here's ...

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    Understanding teenagers

    Ever had a time when it seemed your teenager had turned into someone you no longer recognised? Worse...

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    What inspires you?

    Whenever I witness my husband staring at the ceiling, investigating hinges or observing the ...

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  • Richard Strozzi, Strozzi Somatics, Somatic Coaching, Clare Myatt

    "Master Somatic Coach Clare Myatt brings a depth and breadth to her work that is wise, pragmatic, and highly skillful. Her sensitive touch and caring heart opens doors into new actions and new ways of being. I unconditionally recommend Clare for her Somatic Coaching and Bodywork."

    Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D. - Founder, Strozzi Somatics