• Integrating Coaching and Counselling

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    I'm pleased to have provided the AICTP (Association of Integrative Coach Therapy Professionals) with an article for their Spring 2015 e-journal on the process of integration, one which continues to unfold in my professional life. I offer this here even though it's only likely of interest to other integrative professionals, and available solely to members of AICTP (apply here: Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals.

    Here's the excerpt published online to the public:

    "Those interim years of practicing as a psychotherapist and training at Strozzi Institute were both rewarding and frustrating. Clients worked through family of origin issues holding them back, achieved sobriety, improved their mood, reduced anxiety, had extensive insight, changed behaviour …and yet …there was something missing. Both for them, and for me as practitioner. Those presenting for therapy would complete a chunk of work, become suitable for coaching, and with the limiting parameters of California law in place at the time (keeping the practice of psychotherapy and coaching separate), I would be compelled to refer them on. Equally, those coming to me for coaching would dip into therapeutic territory and, as per prevailing ethical standards, I would be duty-bound to refer them to another therapist. I knew I had the competence to guide these clients utilising all my skills and I felt frustrated. My hands were tied. Or so I thought."

    Thanks go to Eleanor Patrick and Jayne Hildreth for their support and encouragement.

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