• In this fast paced technological age - when email, mobile phones and texts demand instantaneous responses - it's no wonder we're stressed. Stressed, or stressed out? The type of stress you can manage on your own with a good break over the weekend, fun and relaxing activities with family and friends; or the type of stress taking you on the way to a full-on breakdown? Has your boss commented on how tired you look, how snappy and irritable you are? Has your spouse or family complained about your moodiness? At or near breaking point?

    Follow this link if you are interested in understanding more about stress from a physiological perspective.

  • Having worked with a significant number of clients in the highly pressurised Silicon Valley region of California, I am well versed in recognising the difference between the kind of manageable stress we all face and the kind of stress ready to produce a serious breakdown.

    I work with:

      • you as an individual concerned with managing stress before it takes a serious toll at work or at home;
      • a company's management or H.R. team concerned with an employee's performance due to excess stress (the employee perceives is caused in the workplace)
      • a company's management or H.R. team interested in implementing a company-wide stress management program for their staff

    If any of these situations apply, please contact me for a free initial conversation. We will then discuss how I may be of help and what type of treatment plan, strategy or program I recommend to alleviate the stress causing concern.