About Clare

I am curious about, well, almost everything. I wonder what you’re curious about when it comes to me, beyond the dryness of a CV?

Perhaps I’ll tell you about some milestones. I moved from the West Midlands to the US in 1987 and stayed nineteen years, returning to be married to my childhood sweetheart. Celebrated twenty years a psychotherapist in 2015, all as an independent practitioner.

In 2000 I became certified as a Master Somatic Coach by Strozzi Institute and was not only one of their first Associates but also their first to offer somatic coaching in the UK. Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D., Strozzi Institute founder, invited me to contribute a chapter to his 2003 anthology Being Human at Work which is entitled “The Power of Somatics in Sobriety.” Picking up my first copy at the bookstore was a deeply satisfying experience, one I plan to repeat with my own name on the cover. I’m proud to offer my first book, Love and Imperfection: A Therapist’s Story Available from 1st April 2019. You can find our more here

A very personal milestone is acknowledging I am in long-term recovery and celebrated thirty years sobriety in October 2018. It will be no surprise when you read I specialise in addiction recovery and its sibling, trauma, together with other related concerns such as shame, depression and anxiety. I gained most of my five thousand pre-licensure hours of experience in both out-patient and in-patient treatment settings, for a residential recovery home and also the local authority’s Child Protective Services and Drug & Alcohol Departments in San Luis Obispo County, California.

I’ve had the honour of working with hundreds of clients from all walks of life over the years, and am so grateful to have found my calling relatively early. Whether working with a troubled individual in my office, a couple for premarital counselling or a C-Suite executive, the seasoned clinician I am enables me to weave together therapy and coaching seamlessly – so clients have the benefit of both worlds. Hence we harness the forward thrust of realising their ambition supported by a deep therapeutic underpinning for the rocky parts getting in the way. Some of my [coaching] clients have given permission for their testimonials to appear, thank you.

Curiousity and learning go together like hand in glove, so you’ll see a list of continuing education on my CV. It’s actually just a partial list, the highlights if you will; I’m known for constantly going off on this course here and that course there. I also love to offer education and have consistently been involved in some sort of training over the years. Again, I’ve listed some but not all. I’m also an HSP (for the uninitiated, that stands for Highly Sensitive Person) and routinely enjoy supporting others in their quest for reaping the rewards and benefits.

And do I walk the talk? Yes, I think so. That elusive work-life balance is precious and I plan time out for exploring new places, photography, scrapbooking, friends, movies, reading, my book group, dancing, writing and my writing group. [I can’t resist asking, what about you?]

If you have questions, please email or contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Clare Myatt’s C.V.

My accreditations include:


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