Love & Imperfection: A Therapist’s Story

Love & Imperfection: a therapist’s story  is an intimate memoir about the brave journey of a seasoned practitioner and her Vietnam Vet client Bill. She dares to use the word agape to describe their mutually healing relationship, where they delved deep into emotion, empathy and compassion.

Both struggled with trauma, shame and addiction. Both changed. Relying on profound honesty, transparency and vulnerability, together they unwittingly experienced the healing power of love/agape. This revealing, poignant story will inspire those in the healing profession, as well as anyone interested in personal transformation. 

Clare Myatt is a seasoned practitioner specialising in trauma, shame and addiction. She celebrated thirty years sobriety in 2018.

“This book is a rich offering, full of wisdom and insight.” Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Read Clare’s article in July’s Coaching Today journal to find out more about the book… click here to read the article

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What people are saying about Love & Imperfection: a therapist’s story:

“I deeply appreciate this brave book. The writing style makes this book one of the most accessible and effortless accounts of the work of therapy and the life of working as a therapist that I have read. The level of transparency is inspiring, deeply honest and I can imagine many readers, whether clients, therapists, students or the general public, being touched, enlightened and relieved by the candour and insight into the world of therapy.”

Dr Greg MadisonAuthor of Theory and Practice of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy

“Through her personal, poetic story of a therapist’s journey to self-awareness and growth, Clare has woven a memoir of mutual help and change through the shared power of AGAPE – the selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications.  Clare shows us that the deepest experiences of help and of change occur when both therapist and client have a commitment to truth and authenticity with each other.”

Dr. Stephanie BrownDirector, The Addictions Institute and author of Treating the Alcoholic: A Developmental Model of Recovery 

“I loved this book. It is a profound, brave exploration of humanity in the therapeutic relationship, and the role of love and spirit in that endeavour. 

Pete HamillSenior Teacher at Strozzi Institute and author of Embodied Leadership 

“This book will probably be of great interest to therapists from all approaches and also to current and potential clients, however it is at its core, a human story of courage to change an unsatisfactory situation, of how love (agape) can be embodied and of determination to create a meaning life.”

Tom Larkin, Focusing-Oriented TherapistRead the full review here

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