Images often come to me when I’m with clients, sometimes for sharing and sometimes just for me to ponder. A new one came recently, this one to share.

I imagined a train, its journey representing the life we lead. Beyond the catchphrase “it’s the journey not the destination” I saw the train stopping at various stations along the way, navigating all kinds of terrain in-between those pauses. Each station offered the chance to alight and choose a different carriage, even a different train, or pause for integration. I recalled therapists and other practitioners I’ve worked with
over the years. I had the sense they all had a role to play, and they all had their place: in one of those carriages.

Allowing my reverie to continue, I reflected on the first psychologist and how completely unsuitable he would be for this time in my life. And that I wouldn’t have been ready for my current therapist until now. There’s something developmental about different practitioners at different times.

And each time I bring my baggage with me! Perhaps the bag changes in size and complexity along the way – I like to think so – yet that good old backstory endures.

Turning to my work as a therapeutic-coach, I do so enjoy being with a client in their carriage! Just in the last few weeks I’ve been reminded that the right person comes at the right time to do the right work. And that sometimes people come and instinctively we both know it’s not the right time for us to work together and I trust someone else out there is just right for them. What’s important is the chemistry, the fit, the “rightness” of it all. If you’re moved to contact me, let’s check compatibility (and do take a look at my other piece on how to choose a therapist).

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