Counselling or Coaching?

If people and their concerns fitted neatly into boxes it would be easy to prescribe coaching for one and counselling for another – but we are complex creatures with multi-faceted issues, so such defining is not straightforward. In fact, the benefit of working with someone like me who has both skill-sets is that we are free to navigate between the two to best meet your needs. This inclusive approach is called Personal Consultancy* – I am hired as your personal consultant, able to draw on my training and experience in coaching and psychotherapy to achieve your ambitions.

Candidates for personal consultancy with a coaching focus have history which is relatively resolved and who are concerned with their level of functioning today not supporting where they want to be in the future. Here are some examples:

  • managing stress
  • wanting to be assessed by others as being a leader
  • desire to improve communication skills
  • desire to build confidence
  • seeking job promotion
  • contemplating relocation
  • desire to improve relationship skills, especially for the workplace
  • “mid-life crisis” offering the opportunity to assess career choice and potential change in direction

Sessions may be conducted in person, via webcam (Zoom) or over the phone, depending on the issues involved.

There are also clients most suited to a personal consultancy approach with a counselling focus – people whose history is having significant impact on their present day functioning, the exploration of which will significantly contribute to achieving their goals. Here are some examples of concerns which are probably best addressed this way:

  • family of origin concerns (relationship with parents especially if alcoholic or abusive, sibling issues, limiting familial beliefs, etc.)
  • mood disorders such as depression and anxiety
  • managing pain and other chronic medical conditions
  • desire to be in relationship and finding this difficult
  • alcoholism or drug addiction
  • premarital or marriage counselling
  • affair recovery
  • divorce preparation or recovery
  • parenting issues
  • trauma whether childhood in origin or as a result of accident, abuse, war, etc.
  • resolution of grief whether through death or abandonment

Personal consultancy with a counselling focus tends to be carried out in person but, depending on the personality and issues involved, it may be possible to conduct some sessions over the phone. This would be something for us to explore.

Beyond the nuances of counselling, coaching and personal consultancy, Clare has something else to offer – certified as a Master Somatic Coach by Strozzi Institute in 2000, she was their first MSC in Europe, and continues to be one of their senior practitioners in the UK. Please click on Somatic Coaching for more information about this exceptionally useful approach to making and sustaining change.

To find out more email Clare or contact her today.

*Personal Consultancy – with thanks to Debra Jinks and Nash Popovic

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