We find ourselves in remarkable times. The word “unprecedented” is used repeatedly. In peacetime there have never been such circumstances.  I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to do the majority of my work virtually. I’ve been working with clients worldwide for some time now, becoming accustomed to the vagaries of Zoom and finding a way to be deeply present, open and connected in front of my screen. As a fan of face-to-face work, the results continue to be quite surprising. I never thought I’d be able to do “deep” work (let alone somatic) via this platform and I’m grateful to report success. (In fact, I meet my own therapist online and have had some eye-opening positive experiences).

I’m moved to write about the theme of hope permeating this week’s conversations. Where there is crisis, so the saying goes, there is also opportunity. Can we use this space to consider how we’d like our lives to be  moving forward, assuming lockdown ends at some point? What could we create that will be different? In the very first lockdown I heard about a coffee shop clearing out tables, providing a make-shift counter (complete with hand sanitizer) to enable their customers to take-away. They pre-empted the “click and collect” to come later. Such clear leadership executed so quickly. Let’s acknowledge and celebrate this and many other innovations.

Even a year on, it’s still early days. So much ahead that we don’t know about, can’t possibly predict. I continue to allow space to unfold – not filling it with endless browsing on the net or tuning in to the latest news (which I have to say is proving as compelling as after 9/11). Instead, working on all those sewing projects left unfinished, clearing out more drawers, getting caught up on reading both fiction and non-fiction.
I also want to acknowledge that not all will have the luxury of this opportune time for thinking creatively. They will be concerned with the basics of generating income, staying afloat, figuring out how to home-school children and work remotely. I hope they are able to reach out and ask for help, taking advantage of those who want to support and volunteer their time.

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