Individual Experiences

hand on sideIf you don’t find any upcoming Experiential Workshops with convenient dates or locations, I invite you to consider co-creating a personalised workshop experience with me. Increasingly, practicing coaches and therapists are recognising the value of one-to-one attention with a seasoned somatic practitioner and I’ve been co-designing half-day, full-day and two-day workshops. Some are enjoying a half-day every month or quarter on Zoom, and where possible, face to face at a suitable venue.”

As a practitioner you’re undoubtedly seeing the words “somatic” and “embodied” at every turn, reflecting the burgeoning awareness of the value of working on/with/through the body. There are various somatic providers and perhaps before diving in to a lengthy or costly programme, you may want to engage in an individualised experience to get a sense of what you’d be committing to. Having trained extensively with Strozzi Institute and taken supplementary courses elsewhere (e.g. Wendy Palmer’s Conscious Embodiment), I’m able to reveal the highlights and differences and in a one-to-one situation, we can explore more deeply than in a group setting.

Let’s be clear, you will not emerge from a day’s training competent to be a somatic coach, but you will gather tools and knowledge about how further study may be useful. And you’ll also know what specific practice/s will support your development. Yes, homework! (Otherwise you’ll simply have another book to put on the “shelf-help” ledge). Somatic transformation begins with exploration of your current “shape”, experimenting with alternative possibilities, followed by the design of specific practices to continue (diligently) beyond the session. You’ll probably have read elsewhere that it takes 300 repetitions to get something new in to muscle memory, 3,000 for embodiment, and 10,000 for mastery.

So, let’s get started!

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