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My Teachers

Strozzi Institute
Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D. is co-founder and President of Strozzi Institute. A nationally known speaker and consultant on leadership and mastery, he has spent more than three decades researching, developing, and teaching the practical application of Somatics (the unity of language, action, and meaning) to business leaders and executive managers. Details of the books written by Dr. Strozzi-Heckler and leadership courses offered by Strozzi Institute can be found at their website.




Generation Five
Staci Haines is a national leader in the field of Somatics and healing Trauma. She is the originator of generative somatics – a methodology to work with healing trauma from a somatic perspective, leading courses teaching social leaders, therapists and coaches in this work. She is the author of The Survivor’s Guide to Sex a how-to book offering a somatic approach to recovery from sexual trauma and developing healthy sexual and intimate relationships. Staci is the Founder of generation five a community leadership organization whose mission is to end the sexual abuse of children within five generations, featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show in February 2003.



UK Based Colleagues


Beverley McMaster

Beverley McMaster works with corporate sponsored and self-funded clients who want to develop their leadership skills. Trained as both a somatic and ontological coach, Beverley is one of a handful of Strozzi Institute’s Master Somatic Coaches in the UK.

She is also trained in EMDR and Focusing, both modalities lending themselves to the resolution of small “t” trauma and capital “T” Trauma. 



Aurora 4 Success

Dawn Bentley heads Aurora 4 Success – Business Coaching and Consulting based in Buckingham, UK. Aurora works with leaders in medium-sized to large organisations to create the conditions in which people can thrive and contribute their best at work. Dawn has trained with Strozzi Institute and approaches her work with a somatic sensibility.




Rev. Francis Briers

The Rev. Francis Briers is a remarkable man of many talents. He is a non-denominational minister who offers both therapeutic and ceremonial services, teacher, corporate guy, and facilitator of The Samurai Game. His blog can be found:


Francis Briers’ Blog




Pete Hamill

Pete Hamill, MSc, BSc (Hons), CertCoun is a consultant, facilitator and coach with an international background in leadership and organisational development. He is interested in leadership and personal development, including the role that conflict plays in organisations and society. His book Embodied Leadership was published in 2013 and he co-leads Strozzi Institute’s Embodied Leadership programmes in the UK.




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