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Due to the unprecedented circumstances of coronoviras, Clare is currently only meeting with clients virtually via webcam or phone. Please get in touch to discuss how this could work for you.

“Clare has provided me with a deep, unending level of strong and quiet support that has allowed me the space to create powerful change within. Our work together has been no less than life changing in such a positive way.”


My name is Clare Myatt and I am a somatic coach and psychotherapist, trained in the US and UK.

Why Somatic Coaching?

Unless and until a body oriented approach is included in the equation of change, change may happen briefly but cannot be sustained over time. If someone wants to shift the way they are, the way they feel, the way they are perceived, then a holistic approach incorporating the power of the body-mind-spirit is essential.

This body oriented approach is what we term “somatic” – “soma” being the Greek word for the “body” in its wholeness; not just skin and bone, but the body in its aliveness. This approach acknowledges the latest research revealing humans as an integrated neuro-psycho-biological being. Our neurology, psychology and biology are intertwined like the weave of a fabric and cannot be separated out.

By bringing attention to the body, being aware of our breathing, posture, and internal experience, the body becomes a resource rather than simply a vehicle for the head. As such, the body becomes a powerful and invaluable resource as the leader of our own lives, families or the leader of others in organizations.

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I am one of those fortunate people who loves what they do and I truly look forward to connecting with you to explore the possibilities ahead.

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How long does change take?

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What People are Saying

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Clare Myatt, Somatic Coaching, Somatics, London“Master Somatic Coach Clare Myatt brings a depth and breadth to her work that is wise, pragmatic, and highly skillful. Her sensitive touch and caring heart opens doors into new actions and new ways of being. I unconditionally recommend Clare for her Somatic Coaching and Bodywork.”

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D. – Founder, Strozzi Somatics