Challenging workplace situations? Difficult personalities, staff with suspected addiction issues or problematic family lives? These and other situations can significantly impede the ability of your key resource to contribute to the bottom line.

If you are a Manager, in HR, or a small business owner and out of your depth with a particularly challenging situation, my specialist training and therapeutic-coach approach can help you take care of these concerns.

I routinely offer corporate in-house workshops/training on recognising and managing: a personal crisis, stress, mental health issues, addiction and wellbeing.

Allow me to guide you to resolution through a variety of avenues:

  • consultation with the manager involved followed by recommendations for action;
  • team intervention where necessary, for example, to improve communication or generate solutions for stress-management;
  • one-to-one therapeutic-coaching with the key individual;
  • follow-up programme to ensure success.

Here are some critical concerns I can assist with:

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