Is there anything left to say about our unprecedented circumstances? I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling OVER-zoomed, connected, educated,entertained. While the new found space in my calendar is welcome on many levels, it’s tempting to get lost in the daily deluge of information. So I’ve decided I have nothing to add to the melee other than a very personal perspective about my work. (My professional page on Facebook is the place for resources).

I’ve been working via webcam with international clients for many years, so transferring UK-based clients has been easy for me and not necessarily so for them all. I get it. Meeting face to face has a special quality that can’t quite be replicated online. Or, can it? (In fact, I’ll let you in to a secret, I’ve never met my therapist face to face, and the outcome has been extraordinary).
Without going in to the research, there’s sound evidence to suggest working via webcam can be incredibly rich. Beyond the benefits of flexibility (no travel to my office!) you’re also in control of your own environment and we have the opportunity to experiment with connecting virtually (a key skill at this time).

We somatic coaches are a resourceful bunch, and with the support of a trusted colleague, I’ve been designing additional ways to interact and connect online. There may not be touch but we’ve figured out ways to experiment there as well! So if you’re curious about the tremendous benefits of coaching from an embodied perspective, I encourage you to take action now. Don’t wait for the new “normal” (which includes resuming old habits, some helpful some less so), but to boldly step up to the challenge of experimenting with something new – my hands are capable and competent, my presence well-practiced, and I am well-known for my ability to create a safe and boundaried space for the work.

Happy to connect on the phone first and explore what might be possible, just use the contact page to reach me – thank you.






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