I take confidentiality very seriously – it’s a core principle of my work as therapeutic-coach – so when delighted colleagues, coaching clients and workshop participants are willing to forego such privacy to provide a testimonial, I’m honoured and grateful. Thank you to all who follow, your support is much appreciated.

“Master Somatic Coach Clare Myatt brings a depth and breadth to her work that is wise, pragmatic, and highly skillful. Her decades of experience creates a space of safety and rigor in which one can move into uncharted waters. Her sensitive touch and caring heart opens doors into new actions and new ways of being. I unconditionally recommend Clare for her Somatic Coaching and Bodywork.”
Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D.

Founder, Strozzi Institute and Strozzi Somatics

“My time working with Clare has been revelatory and an absolute pleasure. Clare creates a wonderful environment for you to explore, discover and practice other ways of addressing the issues you bring to coaching, helping you to find new ways of looking at, and doing things. 

I came with a very specific aim to work on improving my confidence in giving presentations. Through working with Clare I have a much more positive and confident attitude towards speaking in public. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as I have gained so much more. By accessing what goes on somatically as well as cognitively I have uncovered the roots of the issue. With Clare’s guidance this awareness and noticing has given me practical ways of preparing and dealing with situations. The impact of this work has been felt not only in my public speaking, but has impacted how I relate to my work, relationships and ultimately how I see myself.”

Helen Townshend

Personal and Professional Coach

“I can see how our partnership with Coaching International has helped increase the performance of my team. The practice of coaching – creating actions and behaviors to produce change – is valuable to reaching my organizational goals. By working with Clare in individual coaching sessions and utilizing the power of the body-mind-spirit connection my team is more focused, happy and productive.”

Diane Krakora,

CEO , Partner-Path

“As a mother of two young children looking to go back to full time work, my sessions with Clare allowed us to create a space which I treasured and looked forward to every week. Gracefully and efficiently, she guided me through a journey in rediscovering my identity. It not only spurred a trajectory of self growth and awareness, but empowered me in every way. If you are looking to jump towards new adventures and unknown horizons, but need someone to light the path just enough, look no further than Clare.”

Gabriella Zanzanaini

The Funnelogy Channel

I have had the pleasure to work with Clare on a number of events over the past two years. She is completely reliable and trustworthy and develops a real partnership with those she works with. She will walk alongside you providing the appropriate level of support and challenge, enabling you to achieve what you want to. She’s a Master!! I’d recommend her above anyone else in the U.K. for her somatic coaching expertise”

Dawn Bentley

Discovery Coach

“Clare holds the training space with depth, groundedness and good humour. She is perceptive and clear in her feedback and in her interventions. I was able to increase the depth of my somatic awareness and felt held and safe and positively challenged to recognise and increase my choices in how I relate to myself and others. I would recommend her unreservedly.”

“W. B. Yeats said: “We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us that they may see, it may be, their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet.”

You embody this so beautifully.”

Carolyn Mumby

Coaching, Training, Carolyn Mumby Consultancy

Clare has been a wonderful person to work with. Rarely have I met someone who is so grounded, relaxed and understanding, she definitely practices what she preaches! It has been a pleasure to speak with her, and she was always able to come with solutions and examples that fitted personally.

Milan Petit


I think about your training often and it constantly helps me on my journey. It has been the most valuable training that I have ever received.

Laurie Gerschwitz

Project Manager (Financial Sector)

“I appreciated the enthusiasm and passion you had for the topic of the workshop, that you made the material accessible as well as instructive. It was well paced, with sufficient breathing and reflective space around the exercises to give us time to really explore the learning and experience. Also loved you so freely sharing approaches we might take away and practice.”

Graeme Green

Founder of The Mindful Horse

“Working with Clare is to be considered a valuable experience and a great opportunity to learn about yourself, get connected with your body. Clare amazingly creates a warm and a friendly space. Here simplicity and yet rich professional experience engage you in a unique learning experience. Thank you Clare for providing such a powerful workshop that allowed me to listen and communicate deeply with my body and to be able to help others in their journey.” 

Rehab Abbas

Cross Cultural Coach and Consultant

Workshop: “I would like to say a big THANK YOU for two wonderful wonderful days. You have a saying along the line of ‘what happens, happens’ and well, it did, again and again. Each time it was powerful and insightful, emotional and eye opening. I will be eternally grateful for the experience and the world this has opened to me.”

Coaching: “I have been working with Clare since 2015 and feel so thankful to have found her. Clare has provided me with a deep, unending level of strong and quiet support that has allowed me the space to create powerful change within me. Our work together has been no less than life changing in such a positive way, I will be eternally grateful for this experience. I look forward to deepening this work in time to come.”

Madelaine (Smith) Fox

Senior Consultant, Nicholson McBride

“Clare is a pleasure to spend time with and be guided by. Humble, talented, calm, patient, clear and totally supportive.”

Martyn Reuben

Reuben Process

“If, like me, you are always looking to develop yourself professionally and personally, refine your strengths and overcome those weaknesses, then I cannot recommend Clare enough. I found Clare to be highly intuitive, caring, supportive, empowering and adept at finding what worked for me; a truly remarkable practitioner. She has had a profound and positive impact on the way I work and live my life.” 

Philip Hope

“During the day, Clare teaches some simple yet profound exercises to become more present when we are either coaching clients individually or facilitating a group or for use in everyday life when we want to feel more resourceful. Highly recommended!”

Dave Loewy

Executive Coach, Group facilitator and Business Trainer

“What a treat … I found myself having many AHA moments throughout the day, thanks to Clare, thanks to my various experience partners, and thanks to the whole group support and connection. There were some big learnings there, and I am impatient (of course!) to seek ways of using these back in my real life. As a fast paced person by nature, I really valued the change of pace – and also the reminders of what I already deeply know.” 

Kirstin Barton

Senior Organisational Development Consultant , Basel

“Clare’s engagement, knowledge, ease and comfort with the work are only outshone by her passion for it. It’s rare to meet the confluence of a person who loves what they do, and can also engage others successfully in learning about it. Within the presentation was a strong presence of a sense of curiosity, which was completely refreshing. Clare’s gracious ease with the material, how she managed each and every individual with the group, being conscious of time (without showing it) – all exemplary. Many many thanks.”

Trudy Arthurs

The Confidence Specialist

“It was special to experience the amount of care and attention to detail in all aspects of the workshop. Clare put a lot of thought into the registration form to make sure individual needs can be met, and she lead the workshop with her kind and respectful presence to include and fulfill the individual needs that were presented by each participant.”

Margarethe Beckett


“I really appreciated the skillful way Clare held a safe, contained space enabling me to explore my feelings, reactions under pressure and how I present in the world. The grounding and centering exercise so wonderfully demonstrated and practiced is something I continue to use several times a day. I’d definitely recommend Clare and her workshop to everyone interested in being more present with themselves and others.”

Linda McConnachie

BSc (Hons), MBACP

“Clare’s deep personal integrity and fierce attention to respectful, careful boundaries drew me into working together 1-2-1, an engagement that grew from attending her small-group workshops (highly recommended as low risk, high safety, high care environments for some gentle experimentation with learning to hear, accept and own the shape and rhythm of our embodied responses).  She has a particular skill, in my experience, at offering and opening unhurried spaces for curiosity and exploration. I turned up expecting – maybe hard work, maybe the ticking off of a tasklist. Over time, through our work together, I grew to trust the power and importance of emergence, of turning up and seeing what showed up. If that sounds arbitrary or disjointed – it wasn’t. Over the course of our engagement, the topics of importance to me have emerged and re-emerged, rising and subsiding like waves on a shore, so that over time I had a clear and rather concrete sense of continuity and progression.”



“An excellent introduction to the subject of somatics. Clare is very knowledgeable and her own presence is calming and at the same time inspiring – I left wanting to find out more and experience this kind of work for myself. A great day, thank you.”

Susan Ritchie

Leadership Presence for Professional Women

Clare and I have been on a journey for two years and whilst I didn’t appreciate it at the beginning we have covered an enormous distance. Clare has an amazing ability to get to the core of my rather “scatter-gun approach” and focus on what is really important, develop supporting practices and facilitate a clearer vision. Clare is an uplifting person who I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to go on a journey of self discovery but is unsure of the destination.

Andy Rogers MSc, FIPD, FIH,

HR Director UK and Ireland

“Clare, your passion for [somatic coaching] shines through and is infectious. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Mary Pelham


“Clare created a really interesting and enjoyable day. Not knowing much about somatic coaching I came away with a much better understanding of how important the body is in transforming our old beliefs and obstacles that have been internalized over the years and go back as far as childhood. Clare’s workshop gave me a greater appreciation for how I can look at this in myself and bring awareness to my clients. A thoroughly worthwhile day!” 

Anna Debenham

Transformational Coach

Clare is phenomenal – insightful, helpful, and supportive. Through her coaching, I have not only been able to embody skills that have helped me in business and my personal life, but also have been able to discover and address many long-standing things that were hindering me from reaching my full potential. My experience with Clare has made me a believer in the somatic coaching process – Clare provides a valuable service that I can recommend wholeheartedly to anyone seeking to grow personally and professionally.

C. J. Glynn

Managing Director and Principal Strategy , Markatalyst

“Clare created a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment in which I learned much about myself, including my strengths and where I need further development, in the service of my clients. I had a significant ‘a-ha’ moment that stayed with me; what more could anyone ask for from a day’s workshop! Clare is an expert who shares her knowledge and insight with passion, care and sensitivity and I highly recommend you book on the next session.” 

Trish Turner

Ph.D., Coach, Counsellor and Supervisor

Clare offers a unique blend of deep coaching skills, combining the somatic with the more familiar “talking” dimension, relating with ease to my world and previous knowledge. Her coaching was gentle yet firm, insightful and challenging. I particularly appreciated the beautiful space she held for learning and growth – when I came into sessions feeling stressed and agitated she gave me time and space to become present for the work.”

Matthew Gregory

Coach, Next Action Associates

For years there was a nagging question: ‘With all my smarts, education, hard work and talent, why have I not achieved more?’ Clare has helped me to understand how habits of behavior (some subtle and some not so subtle) have undermined my efforts and impeded my progress. In the process of understanding these habits and practicing exercises to retrain myself, my growth horizons have been expanded tremendously. I highly recommend somatic coaching with Clare.

Geoff Hunt


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