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I’m proud to have contributed an article to my friend and colleague Francis Briers most recent publication, The Embodiment Journal – Volume 1: Somatics and Embodiment for Health, Leadership and Life. Available on Amazon to download to Kindle for just ninety-nine pence, here is a complete list of contents:

Francis Briers Introduction
John Tuite Strength and Aliveness in Teaching
Nancy Shanteau The Embodied Rescue Dynamic
Beka Card Becoming (poetry)
Clare Myatt The Shape of Shame
Tess Howel Creativity and Embodiment
Charlie BirchChronic Pain – an Embodiment?
Anouk BrackApplications of Embodiment in Organisations; Benefits to Leadership, Communication, and Innovation

While I must admit some bias – after all, these are my beloved somatic colleagues – there are some truly thought-provoking and inspirational pieces to read. Please feel free to distribute widely! Thank you.

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