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Christmas cards languishing “on sale” and already Valentine’s day cards available on the next shelf. Yikes! I’m sad the original opportunity to pen love notes to a sweetheart has disappeared in favour of what even Wikipedia dubs a Hallmark holiday (second only to Christmas in terms of card sales!). Imagine receiving a hand-written note with a declaration of undying love!

When was the last time you sent or received a hand-written note? Emailing and texting is so easy and yet, so, so impersonal and devoid of character. Not only that, provides huge opportunity for misinterpretation. Communication is tough enough when we can read someone’s face and hear the intonation in their voice, but without these cues and we can be absolutely baffled (and baffling).

Remember those times when you clutched something-made-with-a-loo-roll or a wonky painting in your hot little hand and brought it all the way home from school for Mum or Dad? Likely these are the mementoes stored forever under the bed or in the loft and found decades later. These are the memorable, meaningful gifts that we cherish.

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of supporting Hallmark or some other card manufacturer, how about taking a leaf out of your kindergarten book and making something yourself for your loved one? Take the time – they’ll appreciate it.

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