I’ve never liked New Year’s Resolutions. Starting out the year with an almost guaranteed disappointment doesn’t make much sense to me. So when a friend told me about Word of the Year, the idea really resonated. I’ve enjoyed planning one each year for over a decade now and have one in mind for 2023.

I haven’t committed yet because I give the word lots of space to land and settle, and during that time I keep checking in to see if it really is the one I want. For something to be my guiding principle, I need to be committed to it emotionally, intellectually and somatically.

There are many tools on the web for how to design your word, even communities offering support and
encouragement. Here’s a sample:

https://oneword365.com a community awaits

https://groundfloormedia.com/blog/2018/12/27/making-a-new-years-resolution-were-picking-one-word-instead/ one company’s enormous array of individually chosen words of the year

https://www.inc.com/megy-karydes/5-tips-for-choosing-your-word-of-year.html Megy Karydes’ thoughtful guide for selecting the word

I hope your word of the year for 2020 fulfils your ambition!

If you’d like any assistance in the fulfilment, perhaps I can assist – please email to set up an
informal chat.

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