May each step root you deeply

In the loveliness of the moment.

May the twists and turns on the way

encourage you to be ever open

to the new in your life.

May the still point at the centre

keep you mindful of that sacred place

in your own inner being.

May the path outward and beyond

empower you to radiate

peace and justice to all.

May the labyrinth journey weave in you

a sense of everlasting connectedness

with the great journey of all life.

                                  Barbara Bailey


After walking the labyrinth on a damp and dewy morning last week, I’ve been reflecting on their metaphor for life and the work I do, a symbol of the journey into the self and back out into the world. Taking each step to and from the centre slowly and deliberately, it was a peaceful opportunity to contemplate all that is. I went in with questions, came out with more, and experienced the expansiveness this kind of self-reflection brings.

I may not have a labyrinth laid out in my office, but working as a somatic-coach-therapist, I facilitate walking toward what really matters and then finding a way to express this in the world. For example, I often work with clients who want to change direction in their career; enhance their impact and influence; deepen intimacy in personal relationships; make tough choices; find the courage to have the hard conversations. We explore a little of how their history has shaped their current presentation in the world and experiment with new ways of being, building the capacity over time to rely on their innate wisdom and act accordingly.

I left the labyrinth feeling blessed to do the work I enjoy, have the support of loving family and friends, together with a host of other gifted individuals who make such an important contribution. And questions, always questions, for curiousity is a driving force in my life.

If you’re curious about your own life and its direction and would like some support, do get in touch.

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